Malaysia Food Factory (MFF) was initially aspired by Mr. Ding Hong Sing from PA Food Industries Sdn. Bhd and was later established by Mr. Lai Yaeh Tat of Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn. Bhd. (also current MFF President) with the vision to to bring forth Malaysian food manufacturers of various food industries, coming together to create synergies by sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise of its own, to meet common interests, issues and working together for mutual benefits and growth.

With food automation and advance technologies on the rise, dialogue among industry player were organized to promote collaboration and co-operation. Overseas business matching and trade missions were part of the activities arranged. Understanding members’ need to improve on technologies, innovation and product development to keep up with times, MFF joined hands to lead members for oversea missions and exhibitions. Thus, MFF was formed to shared market intelligence, customer base and business strategies.

MFF has been working hard among members to globalization efforts with an increase participation of oversea food exhibitions. Members were able to promote their products and brands in the international arena and rapidly improving their business performance and brand presence.

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